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Anobium: Volume 2 (Winter 2012)

Image of Anobium: Volume 2 (Winter 2012)


5″x7″, 104pp., perfect bound, laminated gloss cover, 60lb. b&w stock. Featuring new writing by R.A. Allen, David Applebaum, Annah Browning, Rance Denton, Vernon Frazer, Roxane Gay, Benjamin Goluboff, John Gosslee, Jonathan Greenhause, Jac Jemc, Jeffrey Maclachlan, Kristine Ong Muslim, D.E. Steward, Graham Tugwell. Also features a curatorial section with selections from Derek Sanchez-Hoeksema, Blaster “Al” Ackerman, Patrick Somerville, Jesse Ball. Cover by Jacob van Loon and artwork by Ivan de Monbrison. ISBN-13: 978-0-615-56908-6

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"I like that graphic of the disk rising out of the water." - Michael Offutt from the Porkchop Express.

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