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8”x8”, 175pp., perfect bound, laminated matte cover, 55lb. b&w stock. What you see here in your hands is an actual fragment of the universe enacted by human thought, culture, and knowledge—or lack thereof. It's a noospheric mix tape. It once was not, but is now, and soon, will not be. As Vernadsky says, "Therefore we may face the future with confidence. It is in our hands. We will not let it go."

This volume starts with Timothy Schuler's essay, Commonplaces, which was formulated over pint glasses and uses the idea of 'Commonplace' books to discuss the myth of ownership. Caroline Picard's essay, Bound With Bright, Beautiful Things, was first pitched as a small web essay, but grew into a different creature over time, with proprietary illustrations to match. This volume also includes three separate, long-form interviews with Bruce Bickford (sculptor/artist), John M. Bennett (poet/artist), and Adam Levin (fiction author), which—based on their content and rhythm—we consider to be cornerstones for this collection. Jonathan Greenhause, who was included in Volume 1 and Volume 2, is included again here, stellar as always. D.E. Steward, who we published in Volume 2, shows up here again as well. New to Anobium—though not new to the writing world—are contributions from authors Brandi Wells, Benjamin Merriman, and Lauren Goodman. Also, in the true spirit of Noospheria, we are including collaborative pieces from Kathleen Rooney/Elisa Gabbert, Quinton Hallett/Colette Jonopulos/Nancy Carol Moody/Laura LeHew, and a Toshiya Kamei-translated piece originally authored by Mexican author Julieta García González (1970–). Blaster "Al" Ackerman also makes an appearance here, in a piece republished from his omnibus collection, printed by Feh! Press in 1994.

ISBN: 978-0-615-65190-3